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Raunaq Foundations is a group of young, qualified and high quality conscious professionals engaged in construction. The firm has specialized in the designing, planning as well as the execution of residential projects that are exceptional in quality and built to suit its environment. Pride has been taken in the development of each project and they have been created while working with the best professionals in the business who are pioneers in their own fields as well. Raunaq Foundations is obsessed with (quality) Firmly of the belief that a satisfied customer will always bring accolades to the company they the (client) are a source of inspiration that help continue the march towards excellence in the growth of the real estate development.

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Rungta House, #65/A, Halls Road,
Kilpauk, Chennai - 600010.
Phone: 044 4297 1234 / 1212
Email: info@raunaqfoundations.com