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Raunaq Foundations is part of Group Raunaq, which includes diverse businesses that have been steeped in the tradition of focusing on quality and supreme customer service. The construction branch of Group Raunaq-the company is spearheaded by the vision of Mr. Raunaq Rungta. Various residential projects have been completed in and around Chennai, with a strong positive response towards the quality finishing, vibrant designs and functional living spaces.

Of the firm belief that a Vaastu compliant home makes for a happy home - Raunaq Foundations ensures that every dream home built is as such!

An almost obsessive opinion towards the security and safety of the customers has also made Raunaq Foundations use nothing but supreme materials that are ISO rated and have all the relevant test certificates ensured. The steel used is again as per the technical guidelines given by the best structural engineers in the business.Raunaq Foundations aims to create more value-for-money apartments that are delivered on time to clients looking for a transparent and stress free buying process.

Group Company Profile

Group Raunaq has been around since 1991, a brainchild of Mr. Sudarshan Rungta along with his brothers, Mr. Leeladhar Rungta and Mr. Surendra Rungta. The illustrious brothers, focused primarily on the trading company in Iron and Steel, however, soon the business grew and diversified to include fabricators, decoiling and now construction.

RAUNAQ STEELS TRADING PVT. LTD. At inception, Raunaq Steel Industries was a company that traded in Iron and Steel. With the vision of Mr. Sudarshan Rungta along with the industrious support of his brothers Mr. Leeladhar Rungta and Mr. Surendra Rungta, Raunaq Steel Industries became a trade leader. Their business acumen along with their budding customer interactions built Chennai as the base for their operations. Raipur and Vishakhapatnam were opened as branches to interact more with clients all over India. Spacious warehouses based in Manali and Vichoor (Chennai) ensured prompt delivery of goods to very satisfied customers, making Raunaq Steels emerge as pioneer traders in the trading of Iron and Steel in India.

B. G. S STEEL INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD In order to fill the void and provide improved timely service to its clients, B.G.S Steel Industries was set up. The service centre's premium location in Manali (Chennai) helped B.G.S Steel cater to the service sector in the Iron and Steel industry. The facility being well equipped with imported state-of-the-art shearing machinery from China, adhered to client specifications by shearing material expertly. This branch of the business has steadily grown since 1994, fulfilling every customer's request and as always maintained a strict code of timely delivery of goods. This has garnered the business top-notch companies, who are part of this service centre's clientele base till date.

SBE FABRICATORS PVT LTD Formerly Known as Shree Balaji Engineering Works, this was established in the year 2004 July as a structural steel fabricator company based in Chennai. M.S Steel fabrication jobs in India were undertaken through the outstanding expertise and vast experienced personnel on hand. The primary focus for SBE Fabricators was on quality and delivery of projects on time. SBE Fabricators was committed to meeting the challenges of the new millennium through the use of modern technology and innovative methodology.

The main interest was to successfully complete the entrusted project as per the clients' satisfaction. It is noteworthy, that SBE Fabricators has fabricated their structures for a few internationally known Power Projects.

Management Profile

Raunaq Rungta

Mr. Raunaq Rungta has been at the helm of Raunaq Foundations since its inception. Having worked in the construction business since December 2007, his visualization and guidance has made him diversify into the housing industry. Holding a degree in M.B.A (University of Liverpool), his insight along with his global exposure has granted him that edge to carve a place for Raunaq Foundations in the Chennai market.

Rochan Rungta

A partner at Raunaq Foundations, Mr. Rochan Rungta is highly motivated with a conscientious attitude. Working enthusiastically with the best professionals in the business, he aims to provide quality finishing and value for money development projects. A Chartered Accountant by profession, he has steadily built his reputation by working for many major companies. That experience has given him the added boost to handle the various responsibilities at Raunaq Foundations.



Seeking to give life to plans on paper, we at Raunaq Foundations affirm our commitment towards the client and their requests. Understanding their every need and willing to deliver quality finishing homes that are functional, resourceful with a good value for money in a transparent and timely manner.

Our Values

We firmly believe that there is no substitute for quality
We only promote properties that are free from any encumbrance and litigation
We construct based on the guidelines set by the concerned authorities
We hire professionals who possess vast knowledge in their respective area
We take utmost care of our clients while planning and designing the project
We peruse to use products that are green building certified and are environment friendly
We assure timely delivery of our projects.
We believe in educating our clients and maintain transparency in our dealings.